Story Time: Abby + Lance

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We love the Beach




When we are on the beach is when we are both happiest. I think what it really is, is how relaxing and easy being by the beach is for both of us. Being able to wake up, beach, eat, sleep and repeat is such a dream life. Being at the beach gives us a taste of what a wonderful life that'd be. And there's nobody else we'd rather live that life with than each other! AND not to mention being landlocked in Iowa where we can get 8 inches of snow one day, then have 50 degree weather the next, makes us LOVE weather associated with beaches! :)  

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Where are you both from?
Lance is originally from Charlotte, Iowa. Population 395 people, the town doesn't have a stoplight. And I am from Grundy Center, Iowa. A pretty small town as well, population 2,600. But we both now live in Des Moines, IA which is where we met!

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How did you meet?
We were actually set up! One of my girl friends had told me that her husband had a coworker who'd be perfect for me. Big reason because we both had the same kind of dog (we both have Labrador Retrievers -who are now best friends!) and have a lot of similar interests. My friend invited me along to a country concert that Lance was going to be at where we first met in person. We did our fair share of flirting that night and the night concluded with him asking me for my number. On my way home from the concert, I texted another one of my girl friends that I was pretty sure I had met my future husband. And the rest was history! We went on our first date which was at Johnny's Steakhouse, and just about 2 years later exactly, he asked me to marry him at Johnny's Steakhouse.